What are your librarians reading?

  • Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish

    by Pablo Cartaya Year Published: 2018

    A fight leaves Marcus Vega facing suspension, so his family (minus his dad, who took off 10 years ago) heads to Puerto Rico to regroup. Marcus hopes to find his dad, who is somewhere on the island, and along the way he meets people who show him the many faces of fatherhood.

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  • All Eyes on Her

    by L. E. Flynn Year Published: 2020

    Tabby and Mark go into the woods for a picnic. Tabby comes out, Mark doesn't. Everyone thinks they know what happened--and they're happy to share. Everyone except Tabby, who never speaks up.

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  • The library's fiction section is now organized by genre!  This should make browsing easier for most students.  If you're looking for a specific book or author, please use our library catalog and find it in one of the following genres according to the color of their spine label:

    • Action/Adventure = orange
    • Fantasy = purple
    • Classic literature = white
    • Historical fiction = tan
    • Mystery = blue
    • Realistic fiction = bright yellow
    • Romance = pink
    • Scary = red
    • Science fiction = bright green
    • Sports = dark green

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