• Fees 2020-21

    Textbook Fee: $40.00 Kindergarten -6th Grade

    Textbook Fee: $75.00 7th -12th Grade


    Activity Tickets - tickets can be purchased at the High School Office

    $250  Family Pass

    $100  Adult Pass

    $55    Student Pass 

    $5.00 Replacement

    Tickets are good for 1 year, starting over each August

    Good for all home events including Fine Arts but DOES NOT COVER any state-sponsored events

    Senior Citizen Passes -(65 and over)  Free and can be obtained at the High School Office


    Meals - for more information please visit our Food Service page.

    Money can be added to your accounts at any school office or online through Infinite Campus.

    Breakfast $1.90/meal
    PK - 3 Lunch $2.50/meal
    4 - 12 Lunch $2.75/meal
    Seconds $3.85/meal
    Student Guest $3.85/meal
    Adult Lunch $3.85/meal
    Milk (extra) $.50/half pt.


    Band Fees

    $100.00/ year Instrument Rental

    $60.00 Summer Band Lessons

    $  5.00 Recorder Purchase


    $125/month Preschool - 3-year-old not state-funded

    $250  Post Secondary Education Option (failure to complete or pass)

    Lost or Damaged Items

    Athletic Uniform - actual cost

    Laptop Lost/Stolen/Damaged - actual cost

    Calculators/Textbooks/Band Instruments/Library Books/Etc. - actual cost