Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-362-2178
    FAX 1-515-564-4011
    Central Iowa Community Services (CICS) 844-258-8858
    Community Partnerships for Protecting Children www.cppconline1.com
    Crisis Intervention & Advocacy (CIAC) 1-800-400-4884
    CRISP 462-9400
    Madison County Community Services 462-2931
    Madison/Dallas County Department of Human Services 1-800-397-3232
    Madison County Extension Office 462-1001
    MATURA/Multi-Purpose Center 462-4704
    United Way Help Line 211
    Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor 641-782-8538

    Counseling Agencies:
    Bailey Saal (Indianola) 954-9409
    *Borst Counseling/Michael Borst (4-12/MS & HS)) 240-9474
    *Crossroads Behavioral Health Center 462-3105
    William McGhghy - substance abuse
    Keith Gardner - substance abuse & mental health
    Brittany Palmer - IHH
    Patti Campidilli (Indianola) 962-9126/277-7117
    **Central Iowa In-Home Counseling 641-858-3852
    Child Guidance Center (DSM) 244-2267
    Child Psychiatry Associates (DSM) 288-5570
    **Choices Therapy Services (Indianola/DSM)
    Sharaine Conner - Substance Abuse 515-802-1417
    Traci Rudolf-Hanrahan - BHIS & Therapy 515-601-5347
    Brenda Wood-Clark - Therapy 641-745-0499
    Counseling for Growth and Change (DSM) 243-1020
    Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center 274-4006
    **Full Circle Therapy Services, LLC (Winterset/DSM) 712-352-0917
    Joyce Westphal - children, adolescents, adults -

    Caity Szlazy - adolescents, adults - LGBTQ
    Genesis Development & Family Legacy/Jayci Kuhns 441-0023
    HCI Hospice Care Services/Grief Support 641-342-2888
    Lutheran Hospital (DSM) 263-5612
    Mercy Behavioral Health (DSM) 643-0550
    Mercy Intake/Help (DSM) 271-6111
    Mercy Pediatric Neurology & Psychiatry Center 643-6290
    **PACE Juvenile Center/Orchard Place 697-5700
    ***School Based Therapist/Amanda Rivera (K-12) 360-8924
    Orchard Place/Child Guidance Center
    Self-Awareness, LLC/Robin Moeller - substance abuse 712-249-1110

    **Turning Point Evaluations 462-5967
    Nathaniel Brundidge - BHIS & substance abuse
    Blaine Connelly - BHIS
    *Jennifer Livingston - children, adolescents & adults
    *Delyssa Maxwell - adolescents & adults
    *Gentri Meier - children & adolescents
    Omar Velazco - BHIS
    **Woodward Community Based Services 641-745-0859

    *These therapists, not affiliated with the school district, may meet with students at
    school. To schedule an assessment, you may either contact your building guidance
    counselor or the agency phone number listed.
    **These agencies will also provide skill building services (BHIS) that meet in the
    home. However, they are only available for families in which the children receive
    Title 19 insurance.
    ***Amanda is a therapist, not affiliated with the school district, who meets with
    students at the school. This position allows students with or without insurance to
    receive necessary therapy. To schedule an assessment, you may either contact your
    building guidance counselor or Amanda directly at the number listed.

    This is not an all-inclusive list of providers, nor is it an endorsement for any
    individual or agency. Your family physician and pastor are also wonderful
    resources. Please contact any of the following for additional listings:

    WCSD Counselors & Student Assistant Team:
    Elementary/Ashley Guilliams & Kelly Burkett 462-1551
    Middle School/Megan Brackemyer 462-3010
    Junior High/Suzy Busta 462-3336
    High School/Michael Seufert & Jennifer Seals 462-3320
    Bridges/Cari Davis 462-3320
    Juvenile Court-School Liaison/Natalie Montross 468-0407

    A variety of groups are also offered at each of the buildings and are led by highly
    trained professionals. Please contact any of the above for a complete listing.

    The role of a school counselor: School counselors are educators who have advanced
    training in behavior and development. School counselors are trained to listen,
    observe and help in the identification of alternatives and solutions. They are
    available to students, parents, and staff to provide support and help navigate
    through academic, social, and emotional challenges ranging from the death of a pet
    to applying to college. Counselors may assist informal large group classes,
    one-on-one meetings or small groups. Often counselors help families and
    individuals connect to help outside the school system. School counselors are not
    therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists. It is not their role to provide long-term