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New Safety Precaution

New Safety Precaution for Parents Calling In Begins January 3rd

Our students’ safety is our number one concern. As such, we are always reviewing our practices and gathering feedback on how we can strengthen them. One new procedure we will be putting in place when we return from break is when parents call to change plans for their children (i.e. early release, doctor’s appointment, change in how they get home, etc.). When a phone call is received, our secretaries will be asking for the child’s first and last name as well as their Infinite Campus Student ID number. We discussed what to use for some time and decided to use this number instead of a birthdate or other familiar identification as those can be acquired pretty easily by others. If you are unsure of your child’s ID number, you can access it by following these simple steps:

1. Click Infinite Campus to log in to your Parent Portal (otherwise found under 'Parents' tab above - if you do not know you user name or password, contact your child’s school building secretary)

2. Select your student

3. Right next to their picture is their “student number” (this is the number you will need to identify your child)

Keep the number handy so you can easily provide it when calling in. Please know this is not to burden our parents, but to ensure we are talking to who the person says they are on the phone.