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WCSD Construction Update

This school year will be a busy one with the beginning work on our facility upgrades.  We accepted bids in November and unfortunately had to reject all bids as they were over budget.  We are now "value engineering" our projects and are planning to re-bid the work in February.  Once a contractor has been named we will have more definitive plans of action.  As with any construction project, timelines will change and unexpected things will happen.  However, we are all very anxious to get the process started. We are also very thankful for the community’s support and passage of the General Obligation Bond and look forward to improved safety, additional classrooms, and modernization of our facilities.  

As always, all of us involved in the Winterset School District work daily to maximize areas of strength and address areas of need.  As we work to continuously improve, we value your input.  If you have feedback or ideas, do not hesitate to contact our Superintendent, Dr. Susie Meade.  or at (515)462-2718