When is it Too Cold or Snowy for School?

When Is It Too Cold or Snowy for School?

In Winterset, we try to quantify just how cold is too cold for school.  Generally, if the National Weather Service Forecast for the morning is a wind chill warning, classes will be canceled.  In most cases the decision will be made the night before.  However, we can't always predict what will happen in the morning with our buses.  Sometimes in temperatures warmer than a wind chill warning our buses struggle to start and stay running.  In those cases, a decision to cancel or start late is made as soon as possible in the morning.  

Families should expect less notice when school is canceled for heavy snow. Many factors are taken into account.  Road conditions are tested.   Several websites are viewed for information on weather and road conditions.  Lastly, Dr. Meade consults with other Madison County and neighboring school districts.

Making the decision to start late, cancel, or continue school as planned is a difficult decision that takes into account many factors.  Most importantly, we consider our students' safety first.  

When WCSD makes a decision to change plans we utilize our Infinite Campus Messenger System that calls, texts and e-mails parents and staff.  We also post the change of plans on our district website and notify local media.